Last summer, I set out to learn all things Javascript and Web Design, and I've finally taken the plunge to become a professional developer. It all started from the basics, of course, with a tremendous online HTML + CSS course.

A little digression about the course: finding the right content was paramount and could affect the quality of my learning and its outcome. So I did my research, and it paid off. Content and teacher were the priorities, and the online learning platform was a consequence of those. I found excellent materials in Academind, and they happen to be on Udemy, so I've enrolled on Udemy. Academind courses are fantastic, well structured, and I've sure learned a lot.

Right after the course, I needed to internalize what I had learned, and I needed to code to do that. So I coded a site, my very first site. My music label one required some love. So I coded that one first.

I did take my time, and I did do whatever I wanted. The priority was learning. It's been a long journey that went far beyond internalizing what I learned in the course. Along the way, I also learned Webpack, Babel, browser compatibility, and many more tools/issues a web developer must know and take in consideration every time he writes a line of code.

Of course, it's just the first site and its first iteration. I'm sure there are a lot of beginner's mistakes and things to change. I have reached the goal (internalize and practice) with it and will improve with the next one, for sure. I already have a few more inputs that I've picked along the way, but couldn't implement or it meant to rewrite the entire site again.

As you may notice, my label website design might not be all fancy and modern, like many are in 2019, but I like it. Of course, future sites, especially for customers, will take into account many facets and details I've also learned while coding mine but wouldn't implement just yet.

All of this is fascinating and exciting, and it makes me wake up early in the morning with one kind thought -"How do I solve that issue? How do I make it better? What if I do this?" and so on - Like nothing else ever did in my life. I cannot wait for the next courses!

After the next course in line, to learn Javascript, I will experiment a lot with many ideas and modern design styles, tools, technologies. And yes, I have a list of ideas in line I cannot wait to code. I guess I'm a nerd.

Here's the website:

Here's the repository:

Cheers drive!