Since 2002, Andrea has been actively and passionately involved with Copyleft, Open Source, Creative Commons and Linux. He fell in love with the ethos, the philosophy, and the philanthropy of it all. He has since been a proponent and an activist. With knowledge sharing, ideas, coding, active participation, and teachings. He has had a professional career as a Linux Systems Administrator from 2007 to 2022.

An akin area of interest, for Andrea, is the Cardano blockchain. The abundant similarities and the same revolutionary ethos, have led him to actively partake in the Cardano ecosystem as a stake pool operator and Shelley Pioneer. Until, one day, he sadly lost anything digitally relevant.

His third major technological area of interest, (thanks to Cardano), is Functional Programming. Especially Haskell, Elm, and Roc. If Andrea was to become a professional programmer today, he would love to work with the afore-mentioned lazy and purely functional languages.