Self-taught, experienced Linux sysadmin. Musician with own record label, and VFS Alumni. Currently learning all things Docker, C.I/C.D, GitOp, and Javascript: front end is the current focus. Will learn full stack, ME{A|R|V}N, SPA, JAM Stack, PWA, Native Apps, Electron and beyond; soon enough.

Loyal, responsible, caring, ethical and a personable team player. In love and involved with Linux and Open Source since 2002. Worked at banks, ISPs, publishing companies, HP and more, over a decade-long career. Used to teach Linux and the Open Source philosophy at LUGs, events and fairs. Freelance columnist for "Linux Pro” magazine, at some point. In awe of how Open Source is slowly but steadily taking over the world, one sector at the time; and how it fosters innovation for both the digital and the physical world.